At age 12, Jim won a month of lessons at a tang soo do school in Virginia, and has been hooked on the martial arts ever since. He competed in tournaments regularly as a child, and was an AAU state champion in point sparring. He earned his first degree black belt at the age of 25 at a school at the University of Notre Dame, in chung do kwan tae kwon do and Vee Jitsu jiujitsu. He went on to teach at that school for three years. Twenty years later, he has continued studying these arts, and now holds a fifth degree black belt in each. During this time, he also practiced American kempo extensively, and holds a second degree black belt in white tiger kempo. Jim has been a proud member of the Satori Academy family since 2008, and earned his third degree black belt there in April 2016. Also in 2012, Jim began training in Doce Pares at Satori and is a brown belt. A research physicist by day, he currently trains and teaches at Satori as often as possible, and two of his children now train at the school as well.