Joseph and Liz B.

More Confident, Focused, Self-disciplined

Our children have been in class at Satori Academy in East Brunswick since the first day the school opened. The program’s well- structured curriculum and highly skilled instructors teach our children to be confident and strong minded individuals. The instructors are kind, caring, and willing to help each child individually depending on his or her needs. We see our children having fun while becoming more physically fit and benefiting from a program that will last a lifetime.

Carlo C.

Achieve things that I never thought possible.

Satori helped my kids build the confidence they need to be the best they can be in school, sports and in anything that they do. I admire the way the instructors stress good values like respect, integrity, humility and perseverance since it reinforces what they learn at home and in school.

Satori Academy has also helped me through my own martial arts training. The instructors and the students provide a positive environment that encourages me to push my limits allowing me to achieve things that I never thought possible. They've also reminded me that we are all responsible for each other and how a little help or a kind word goes a long way to make it a better world for everyone.

Christy U.

The Lessons Carry into Everyday Interactions

Very organized with a strong level of enthusiasm among the instructors. There's a wonderful balance of fun and structure. I've seen both of my children learn to use their voices more forcefully and in an assertive tone. I see this carrying into their everyday interactions with peers who may be trying to involve them in bad behavior or persuade them to do something that they don't want to do.

Valerie S.


We love Satori! The confidence and self defense skills my children have learned is amazing...every class they become stronger (physically and mentally!!)

Joanne B.

Truly Genuine

My son was diagnosed with arthritis at a very young age. His challenges were many. Every single person at Satori worked within my son's limits, until he could no longer take classes. Fast forward a few years. He's now in remission and back in class! Throughout his journey Nancy has kept in contact. The Satori family is truly genuine. Nancy, this world needs more people like you and your instructors.

Lisa G.

My Refuge from Life's Curveballs

My refuge from the curveballs life throws! Never once have I regretted training. This is my 2nd family, my home away from home. A truly welcoming & warm place to better oneself on all levels.

Kris and Mike M.

So much more than martial arts!

Satori is an amazing place for children (and adults) to study the martial arts. We couldn't be more thrilled with how much our children have learned about self respect, team work, focus, and and so much more.